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Client Help & Advice

The Love Escorts directory Guide.

Escorting info, terminology, booking help and advice..

Find your escort on a well written, easy to navigate escorts directory. Lovesescorts.com is a great place to start avoiding the endless lists to trawl through on classified websites like craigslist or backpage. Because classified pages have little or no information or guidance for the beginner hobbyist. When your new to the escort scene this guide will help you get to know your new hobby and help you reduce some of the mistakes commonly made. (Of course we can only advise)..

Find your perfect escort. Usually its best to locate to the area your visiting before you choose. Or be willing to travel to a more suitable escort. Checking a range of escorts services narrows down your selection to a shortlist and improves your chances of dating an escort who has a few things in common with you. Escorts usually use short codes to display what they can or can’t do. Such as cim, A level, owo, pse or gfe. This helps you understand whats on their discretionary menu at a quick glance. To help here’s a small but useful list to explain..

  • A level: Anal
  • Owo: Oral with Out (condom)
  • Pse: Porn star experience
  • Gfe: Girlfriend experience

Be on time, or call if you are more than 5 mins late. Unless your giving advance notice to change the time, you might expect to pay for the time you’ve missed. This will depend on the girl and only possible if your not giving her diary too much of a headache. If your 1 hour date was at 7pm but you arrive at 7:15pm still leave at 8pm. Respect the escorts schedule, because lingering causes annoying diary overlaps and embarrassments. Even if the escort enjoyed your stay if want more time, just ask. If she’s free and says yes, expect to pay the escort at the published rate. She is likely to be upset by a cheapskate and feels under valued by a bargaining client pushing for a cheaper deal.

Money first. Call it a gift or mention it as “time to clear the paperwork”. Pop the money next to her, where she can see it. Let her pick it up of her own free will. Not to be given from your hand to the escorts hand. Don’t even try to avoid paying first as souring your date or being shown the door is probably likely.

Treat her respectfully. Shes human be nice. Don’t feel superior to her and try to read the situation as you would do in a normal date. Only unlike a normal date this one carries the promise of satisfaction at then end. nice!

Dont hold back. Trying to last out to the end often means being unable to finish and no one wants that. So release the tension with the escort as soon as you can. Use the rest of the time for another pop, relaxation, massage, intimate moments and a shower.

Escorts are not offended by leaving early. You just want to do your thing and leave. Or your not the cuddly kind or you have to catch a train back to work or the family. The escorts not worried if you do your thing and go. Don’t forget to thank her.

Remember your things. There’s nothing worse than leaving your watch behind and having to explain where your gold chain is or your wallet and bank cards! if you haven’t returned immediately to recover them its often difficult to return if the escorts busy. Always call the escort or her agency immediately you discover what you have forgotten. Or better still check your belongings before you leave and not have the problem in the first place.

Always tip the escort. Don’t worry if it’s only 10 pounds, tip your escort if she was good. Tips let the escort know you liked her and that you appreciate her time and service. This is very important if you see the escort again. Nothing makes an escort more receptive to your next booking than the memory of you being kind. The escort may even reject a new unknown client if she knows your coming.

Always be clean. You can never be too clean for an escort. If you just came from work or the gym, take a quick shower on arrival. You don’t want the escort to pull away or to avoid your next booking. Be adventurous, ask her to shower with you and wash you. Then, its no longer a chore but a sexy part of the date.

Bring wine. Socially acceptable everywhere and great for relaxing the mood and slipping the booking from first meet to a more intimate nature, wine just works. Once your familiar with the escort its easier to personalize gifts as you get to know them. Lingerie, jewelry, sex toys, perfume, chocolate, gift vouchers or every escorts favorite – a good tip!

 Above all have fun. Escorts are meant to be an enjoyable hobby that you can pick up and put down at any time.