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Pingback’s & Trackback’s

| Pingbacks, Trackbacks, Webmasters | 15/04/2015


We Accept Bloggers Trackback’s and Pingback’s.

To those busy blogging. You will be pleased to know we accept trackbacks & pingbacks.  Pre-approved of course.

To explain. They are similar services providing notifications between 2 blogs of  similar content. Trackbacks quote content from each others blogs. Its a way of saying “you might also be interested in” to the reader. A blogger or SEO professional pings in his blog to the webmaster of another blog. Once approve the 2 blogs link together in related material. Content rich its supposed to provide relativity between links and be of benefit to the reader. Pingback’s don’t publish a excerpts of another blog where as trackbacks do.

Webmasters first need to activate trackback’s and pingback’s in your settings. Then add link in your blog to another blogger who has also activated their service. Once approved its published and the service is live. The improved the relations between the blogs should improve SEO and traffic clicks long term.

Avoid spam. No more than 2 links in your blog. Anything more could raise spam flags and waste all your efforts to get published. Happy blogging and we look forward to your trackbacks.


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      We Accept Bloggers Trackback's and Pingback's. To those busy blogging. You will be pleased to know we accept trackbacks & pingbacks.  Pre-approved ...

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